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Authentic Classroom Daily Resources 02/05/2014

Down With Textbooks - David Cutler - The Atlantic

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The unquestioned assumption of online education - The Tech

Online education is growing rapidly. Recently, six new universities have been added to the edX platform. Each new university plans to develop its own set of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Between the big three — edX, Coursera, and Udacity — there are now hundreds of MOOCs from universities all over the world. Advocates are quick to highlight that these MOOCs have already served millions of students, enabling anyone with an Internet connection to receive a world-class education.
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President Obama Educational Announcement

Today, following up on his call to action, the President is announcing major progress toward realizing the ConnectED goal to get high-speed Internet connectivity and educational technology into classrooms, and into the hands of teachers trained on its advantages. The FCC and private sector are taking key steps to answer the President’s call, including through:
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25 Rules Of Thumb Deemed Important In Instructional Design

What rules do instructional designers rely on to solve design problems? What insights become patterns for future use?
Know your learners
Determine what it is you want your learners to perform after the instructional experience. What is the criterion for successful performance?

Making History Accessible: SlaveryStories.org – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Sometimes, an interesting project gets started unexpectedly. That’s what happened with SlaveryStories.org, a new, collaborative digital project that launched February 3, just as Black History Month began."
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You Didn't Know You Could Do These 5 Awesome Smartphone Camera Tricks

"Your smartphone camera is one the ultimate lifehack tools. We’ve already taken a look at four ways you can be making better use of your smartphone camera to turn your smartphone into a makeshift scanner, a memory aid, and more, and today we’re at it again."
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The Benefits of 'Repeating' Subject Matter - Bridging Differences - Education Week

"Our version of Hirsch. The entire Mission Hill school studies ancient Egypt at the same time (kindergarten through 7th grade) for two to three months, and the next year ancient Greece, followed by ancient China, followed by some particular early South American culture. "
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